Reviving Spokify

I have been a premium subscriber of Spotify for a few years already. As a Linux user I haven’t been completely happy with the level of support Spotify shows for its paying customers.

There’s a native Linux client that Spotify offers but it has been in the “preview state” forever now. Previously there was a repository for .rpm packages (I’m using Fedora) but that was removed some months ago for some reason. The only way to get the preview client now is as a .deb package. I used to jump the hoops with the .deb package: it’s easy enough to extract it to some directory and even install system wide. I wouldn’t get any notifications about new versions this way (since I’m not connected to a package repository) but at least I could listen to music…until I went and updated the client and then it stopped working completely. All I get is a segmentation fault when starting the program. Seems that I’m not the only one. I tried the various suggested workarounds but nothing helped.

So what will a Linux nerd do in this situation? Write his own application off course!

Well, instead of starting all the way from scratch I searched for an alternative Spotify client application from the internet first. After a while I found Spokify. It seemed that Spokify had been in development some time in 2010. But then the development had stopped for a reason or another.